everything's in transit

my life in moments

i'm into anything creative: music, writing, photography, art, movies, theater, you name it. i love working with my band or preparing for some event. my ipod goes with me wherever i go, and if i'm travelling, i've got to have my ipod, a notepad with a pen, a sketchbook, or a reading book. i could spend ages in a bookstore (the bigger the better) and i love walking on huge beaches (plenty of time for thought) - except the little sunny island on which i live doesn't have too many of those. summer is the time for being creative, so i love to get working on all the things that i don't have the time to do during the rest of the year. i also believe you are never too old to go through the stuff you loved as a kid, and that no matter who you are, you have the potential to do something big. alternative music is my favourite kind, but im starting to develop a taste for indie too. one day, i'm going to make sure that i know how to play cello, violin and flute, in addition to already knowing piano, guitar, bass, keyboard and a little bit of organ. music is who i am, and creativity is who i'll be.

stay tuned for more blogs on the weird and random thoughts that i have the time and means to record on a journal =)