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the end

How do you begin to think about the end? How do you begin to say what it feels like, when there aren't words to describe it? How do you know that it's the beginning of the end, or the end of the end, or the end itself? How can you tell that the unbearable pain you're feeling is what the end feels like? How do you tell yourself it's okay, that it'll be over soon? How do you even begin to breathe again?

The world is a strange place, filled with so much beauty and so much joy and yet so much sadness. It's difficult to understand where it all comes from, how it's possible to be surrounded by beauty and sometimes not feel it. The world is filled with so much opportunity and yet we wait another minute, another day. But how do you know that this day won't be your last? How do you know that this is not the beginning of a sequence of events that will lead to the end, when you will have to put down the pen, and stop writing your story? How do you know without looking that you've run out of ink, or that there's no more paper left. Opportunities are the home of hope, and paths to the future, and they shouldn't be wasted. The pain felt at lost opportunity is not worth feeling, because there is so much beauty in the world that it would be so terrible to waste.

We will never know what the end will feel like. It can feel like it's the end when you're drowning in your thoughts and the pain has a grip on you that it cannot, will not let go of. It can feel like the end when you cannot breathe through the worst of it, or when you cannot see through the tears, and yet it isn't the end.The end is terrible, and yet beautiful. It is a journey. So really, it isn't the end. It is a momentary point in your life when it feels like it's the end because the pain is too much to handle. And yet, we are never given more than we can handle.

It might feel like the world is crashing about you, or like you are feet away from the surface but you can't get any air into your lungs. And it might not feel like a moment, but more like a day, stretched eternally over the horizon. It might feel like the sun has disappeared, and you're left with nothing but a neverending night.

But look up. There are the stars.



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